Ask Anything Monday 10/22/2018

ASK ANYTHING MONDAY time! Your opportunity to ask any law enforcement related question and have it answered. Ready…Set…Go!

Susan Sunderman Not a question just a wish for a good, safe week. Thanks for all you do for our community.

Shepherd Police Department Susan Sunderman thank you

Kay Sellers God Bless all of you. Keep up the great work!!
Shepherd Police Department Thanks!

Mistyna Lynn Pearson Can you pass a school bus that has yellow lights flashing? (Ex You are traveling in the opposite direction of the bus and it pulls over and turns the yellow blinking lights on but no stop sign or red lights, can you continue with caution or are you required to stop?)
Shepherd Police Department Yellow means proceed with caution

Daniele Elise Can you request increased police presence on roads where there is always speeding and dangerous driving?
Shepherd Police Department Yes, call Central Dispatch 989-773-1000 and law enforcement will do their best

Jason D Wilmot Is there a law regarding a mail carrier crossing back and forth on the road?
Shepherd Police Department There are some exceptions in the motor vehicle code for mail carriers, but they still must use due care and caution

Bambi Hallows Howard What should you do if you hit a deer?

Evelyn Davidson Call the police. Make the report. Go from there

Shepherd Police Department What Evelyn said…

Sara Champlin Can we have our car started if not in it and it’s locked?
Shepherd Police Department Yes

Harley Nichole I’ve heard rumors about a new walk path that will be going into mount pleasant will that connect to the path that was just put in on Blanchard and mission?
Shepherd Police Department No idea…but I believe the plan is for it to all connect

Julie Ohms I heard that if someone was to break into my house and i had a dog that bit them then I would be held responsible for their injuries is this true? Thank you for your service. Be safe

Shepherd Police Department Julie Ohms nope…you are allowed to protect your home

Julie Ohms Shepherd Police Department I thought so, thank you

Heather Marie Can a sex offender have a fb page

Shepherd Police Department Typically no, but it depends on the level of offense, if they are still on the registry, etc. If you suspect someone has one that shouldn’t, contact the local agency of jurisdiction and they can look into it.
Heather Marie Shepherd Police Department. Thanks ill report it again

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