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Dear Books,


I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for you. You are so entertaining. You are always there for me and you can be used almost anywhere. I just think that you don’t get enough attention, now that I think about it.

I am thankful for how entertaining you are. You have different genres and styles, so I can never be bored.  Everyone of you are entertaining in your own way. What I mean by that is you all are entertaining. Everyone of you is unique in your own way, because even if I read the same book more than once, I would find something new every time.


I am thankful for how you are always there for me.  You are small enough to fit in a bag, yet big enough so I don’t get bored . You never change, so I can always count on you to be there.  


You are able to be read almost anywhere. I am able to read you on long or short car rides. I am able to read you at home . And I am able to read you while waiting for something( like a doctors appointment.)



Aydn Schwartz

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