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Dear Brooke,

I wanted to write to you to thank you. You’re so loving and talking to you helps me a lot more than you know. Hopefully this letter can improve your day.


I first wanted to thank you for being kind to me. You reassure me when I’m upset by telling me that everything will be okay. You talk me through difficult things I’m experiencing. You are a person I feel I can rant to without fear of judgement. You’ve never made fun of me for something weird I’ve said or done and that has meant so much to me.


Thank you for caring about me, you always stand up for me when I need it. You ask how I’m doing when I seem off and you try to help when possible. If I’m not feeling great you accept that and understand that sometimes that happens and I don’t need to feel good all the time.


Finally, I’d like to thank you for being so generous. You’ve given me gifts just because you wanted to make me smile. You put my feelings before yours when we talk and I always feel appreciated when I’m around you.




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