I am not sure about you, but when I hop onto a video call I try to pay attention to anything that might show up in the background. With more and more people attending classes or holding meetings virtually from home, this has become a common challenge. Fortunately, applications like Zoom have features which allow us to block out our background. I sometimes come across pages that offer backgrounds that you can download and use during your video calls. This week, I came across a resource which offered Star Wars-themed backgrounds. This got me thinking about how so many of us are stuck at home,Read More →

Between unemployment and the State of Michigan’s stay-at-home order, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. In between family and my job hunt, I’ve stayed involved with a few side projects and added a couple of more. My biggest focus, other than my job hunt, was originally going to be on the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival, but after the decision was made to cancel the event I found myself with more time than I expected. I find that creative writing can be helpful during stressful situations. For me, it can help me sort out my feelings, or it can be a welcomed distraction.Read More →