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Dear Coffee,

I wanted to take a minute to tell you why I appreciate you and your admirable qualities.

I’m thankful for your existence. The way you make a room smell. Sometimes strong and bitter, but on the other hand you can also make it smell sweet and savory. When walking into a shop where you’re living, your scent can really wake a person up. It’s an overpowering bold smell. Your scent can fill an entire football field sized room. Your smell fills up a room as fast a snap, faster than you can say the word coffee.

Your taste is another admirable quality you portray. You’re so yummy sometimes when you’re warm I can feel you fill my belly up. You’re a variety of many types. You have different flavored beans that can brew and coffee flavors to accent your entirety, ranging from vanilla or cinnamon to hazelnut or pumpkin spice.  I like the many flavors you have. It’s not just your flavor that I enjoy but also the temperature. You come hot and steamy which really fills me up and makes me happy on a cold day. You also can come cold which is satisfying to enjoy because there’s whip cream and froth on top. Delicious.

I appreciate the way you make me feel. You make me energized. It could be a 3am think session or an all nighter with friends and you’re the reason I can stay awake. On the other hand though, you help me focus. I can concentrate way easier with you in my system. You keep me awake and alert. A good part is you’re all around you don’t resign in one location. You’re such a tasty beverage I appreciate your existence to the max.


          Summer Wheelington

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