Community carved pumpkins on display around Shepherd home

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Each year, Kent Roth sets up a jack-o-lantern display around his yard for Halloween. The project is a community effort: volunteers work together to gut and then carve the pumpkins. This year, 1,000 carved pumpkins will be on display until the night of Halloween. The jack-o-lanterns are displayed on small racks and lit from the bottom with electric lights.

The carvings reflect a wide range of skill level and creativity.


Kent Roth: THE PUMPKINS HAVE ARRIVED! The Roth family needs your help this Saturday from 11am until finished carving over 1000 pumpkins for display in front of our family home. We will display them from Saturday until Halloween night lighting them in the mornings and evenings. I need a handful of gutters, we use power tools, Saturday at 8am. We need to get a head start before the carvers arrive at 11am. Bring your own carving tools or favorite knife and your imagination. We will be working in our driveway and garage at 109 North Second Street in the Village of Shepherd (Behind the Shepherd Bar & Restaurant).




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