Crystella Winkelman (my mom)

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Dear Mom,

 I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. You are such a great person and you need to know that.

I am thankful that you give me a sense of independence. You let me make my own decision most of the time. This allows me to play on the XBox whenever I ask. You give me a sense of independence that is almost 100% when it comes to the use of the XBox. It also flows into the use of my phone. You let me use the my phone whenever and I can text all my friends. I am so glad that you let me use the technology in our house with independence.

I am also thankful for your guidance. You always give it to me at just the right time. You are always there to give it to me when I need it. Along with perfect timing, you also give it to me from the best source, the Bible. You always turn to God’s Word the Bible and it always helps me. When you find out about my situation you go straight to the Bible without criticizing me at all. You never criticize me and are very compassionate. You show no signs of criticism whatsoever, no facial expressions or anything. I am so glad that you give me guidance.

I am also glad that you listen to me. When I talk to you, you are completely focused on me. You do not get distracted by anything. You are able to do that because you pay attention to me, too. You truly listen to me and I know this because you can help me. You are 100% there and are captivated by what I am saying. You really listen to me and pay complete attention to me. I am so glad that you truly listen to me.I hope you read this letter knowing that you are loved. I also hope that you see this and you feel motivated to continue your hard work.

All love,

Your son,



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