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Dear God,

I am thankful for you . I am thankful for you because you took away my sin by brutally dying on that cross for me. You died on that cross for me you did it for me and to take away my sin. You had every chance, and every right to walk away and not, but no, thank you dying for me and taking

away my sin.


I am thankful for the gift and the chance of everlasting life that you give me. Thank you for the free gift of everlasting life you gave us the biggest birthday/surprise/everything to look up to. You give us a choice and a wonder of what we would see in this world of everlasting life in heaven with you. Thank you for allowing me to be the one to bring people to your kingdom in heaven and give them the chance of everlasting life.


I am also thankful for the fact that you have given me a church body and a Christian body to look up to and ask questions to. I thank you for allowing me to be one of those that are actually able to go to church, and to be able to have a very good background in church and out of church.


God I am thankful for you because I love you and everything that you do for me and I love that you give me everything. I also love that all you ask in return is for us to love and follow you.



Brennan Bass

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