Mid Michigan Journal is looking for writers and coordinators for “mini blogs”

I will be introducing a few new “mini blogs” to the Mid Michigan Journal. Here are the working titles:

  • Slice of Life – An opportunity for members of the community to share something that’s happening in their life. Could be happy, stressful, or scary.
  • Community Helpdesk – Centered around individuals or groups that are seeking answers to questions, financial support, or general assistance.
  • Sports – Focus on sports news from the region, and would also compile competition results
  • Gratiot County Pulse – News
  • Isabella County Pulse – News

I am looking for a few people who might be interested in helping to develop these “mini blogs,” or sections inside the news site. They could be approached as weekly or monthly columns, or blogs, or something written with less frequency, depending on the topic.

In the case of the Community Helpdesk, the writer would simply be the “middle man,” connecting those in need with those who can help. The blogger will not be expected to solve problems themselves, although it would be helpful if they were resourceful.

I am also open to ideas for other blogs. I am hoping that by having standing sections, the site will feel more accessible to members of the community who already have an interest in sharing their story, or knowledge, but perhaps don’t know how to get started.

Feel free to respond in the comments below, message me on Facebook, or send email to editor@midmichiganjournal.com if you might be interested in helping. Or if you have an idea for a blog.

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Jon Morgan

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