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Dear Nellie,

I am tremendously thankful for all the things you’ve done for me. You make me laugh a lot. Every day you put a smile on my face. You are just so funny especially when you yell at us in that croaky voice it is just so funny. Another thing you do for me is help me when needed. So like when I am working on something like cleaning or making something you will ask me if I want help. Usually you only ask me if I want help if you think what I am doing is fun but you know it works.  When I am sick you will always be there to make me feel better. You listen to me complain like I can complain about the stupidest stuff and you will just sit there and pretend to care. The fact that to sit there and listen shows to me you care. Even though you say smart remarks at the end of me complaining it is just so funny I always end up laughing and I then feel better. You grew up with me and we both went through the struggles of our mom abandoning us and there is no way I could have went through it without you.

I can literally always count on you. You will always stick up for me, so when you are at school and somebody is talking bad about me I know you won’t let them. Or when one of the siblings will try to lie about me you will always make sure mom gets the truth. When I get in trouble you will say you are a part of it when really you were not. You only said that so I would not get in as much trouble. You think you always have to be with me and it just makes me feel so comforted. When you go to to the store or youth group you need me to go or else you would not go. You will pretty much go everywhere I go. You always think of me no matter what or where you are. When you get something you make sure I get it too. I just know that I can trust you no matter what and that I can tell you anything trusting you not to tell anyone what I told you. I just absolutely love you Nellie. You mean the world to me and I really do not know what I would do without you.




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