No Guts, No Glory: Pumpkin Carving Project Kicks off today

A massive project is underway at the Roth house where 1,500 pumpkins will be cleaned, gutted, and then carved into jack-o-lanterns this weekend. The pumpkins have been spread out across the yard, and stations have been set up where carvers will be able to carve out a pumpkin of their choice. Volunteers have begun opening up, scraping out the guts with a drill, and dumping the guts into a trailer. Kent Roth, the organizer of the event, was in the center of the action, drill in hand and emptying the pumpkins as they were handed to him.

Volunteers are needed both today and tomorrow to help gut and then carve the pumpkins. The total sum of pumpkins will be placed on display in the Roth family yard and in front of the Shepherd Bar & Restaurant starting Sunday and up until Halloween night.

Listen to my interview with Kent.

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