Searching for Jack and Riff

Shannon Turner reports that her six year old male cat has gone missing. “Desperately missed by entire family,” her posted image reads. “Please call if seen.” The post includes a photo of Jack, who has grey hair. Anybody who finds Jack is asked to call (989) 317-5299.

In response to the post, Emily Peet wrote, “I’m sorry. I hope that your little guy turns up somewhere.”

Misty Spegal wrote, “Prayers for his safe return.”

Sandy Stahl Shufelt had a cat disappeared a few months ago. “My Riff went missing [in the] same area last March. He too was a big boy! How do they just vanish? We never stop looking either. I [will] look for yours as well.” Sandy posted a photo later, adding “He spent a lot of time in Norm’s barn with other cats. Then he just disappeared.”



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Jon Morgan

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