Between unemployment and the State of Michigan’s stay-at-home order, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. In between family and my job hunt, I’ve stayed involved with a few side projects and added a couple of more. My biggest focus, other than my job hunt, was originally going to be on the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival, but after the decision was made to cancel the event I found myself with more time than I expected.

I find that creative writing can be helpful during stressful situations. For me, it can help me sort out my feelings, or it can be a welcomed distraction. I felt like others might appreciate reading or sharing creative writing, so I started a new literary e-zine which I’m calling Quill Power. I am planning on publishing issues every month or so, and the entries will be archived on a website at The issues will be available on the web, and downloadable in different ebook formats.

I’ll be using a site called to generate and host the e-zine issues. I’ve been donating my time to the founder of Bhooks since the Fall when we first met on Reddit. I’ve shared feedback, suggested new processes, and hope that I will be able to raise awareness of the site when I publish the first couple of issues.

My other focus has been on the Mid Michigan Journal which I hope to make a bit more accessible to its readers. I’d like the site to be both a source of news for the community and an outlet for expression, especially while we are experiencing an epidemic. And, communication will continue to be important after the state relaxes its restrictions, because people will need help understanding the “new normal.” Whatever that will mean.

What kinds of hobbies, projects, or passions have you been pursuing during the stay-at-home order? Share your story in the comments or via the “Share News” form linked in the navigation.

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