On April 17, the Shepherd Police Department posted a message asking followers to share “something that made you smile, laugh, or cry tears of joy in the past 7 days.” Here are some highlights:

Becky Newport recalled a happy memory: “My mom went for a walk in her neighborhood on Easter Sunday morning. Her neighbor came out on his porch and sang Easter songs to her. That made her day. It made my heart happy!”
“My daughter colored me a bunch of pictures that said ‘I love mom’ on it, and gave them to me when I went to visit my children. It made my day and made me smile,” wrote Toni Henry. “I fell down the stairs this morning because I was so tired getting up and half asleep. I landed on the dog’s squeaky toy. Nothing like a big squeak at the end of the a tumble to just make you laugh.”
“Got to talk to my daughter and grandkids on video chat,” wrote Becky Boettger.
“My granddaughter got her cast off after being in it for six weeks,” Candy Raymour wrote. “She has hip dysplasia and doesn’t have to wear her brace anymore.”
Jeanna Lau wrote, “My grandson called me Mimi for the first time and my nephew called me for the first time ever. He’s 21-years-old. Both on the same day! I cried in joy like a beast.”
“My beautiful goddaughter sent me a special package,” wrote Angela Resseguie. “I am anxiously awaiting a time when we can video chat so I can open it.”
“I got to ‘see’ some of my first graders yesterday via web chat,” recalled Misty McDowell. “I’ve been missing all of my kiddos from school and their hugs!”
“My daughter had her first ultrasound this morning! I couldn’t go with her but she said baby was moving, fist pumping, and dancing the whole time,” Jennifer Blizzard wrote.


Share moments that bring you joy in the comments below, and we will continue to publish compilations. Or, send to editor@midmichiganjournal.com.

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